Without warning, he stabbed his victim multiple times, decapacitated and ate parts of him in front of the bus passengers.

Vince Li. Photo Source

Vince Li was born in Dandong, China, and became a Canadian citizen in 2006. Even though he armed himself with a degree in Computer Science from Wuhan Institute of Technology, he could not get a permanent job in that field. So, he worked menial jobs ranging from a forklift operator, a janitor, and a cashier in Walmart and in newspaper delivery while his wife worked as a waitress.

Reportedly, he had a language barrier as English was not his first language but his previous bosses did not see any signs of aggression and even praised him as a diligent worker…

Nurse Beverly Allitt was an extreme attention seeker.

A picture showing a cute baby
A picture showing a cute baby
Photo by Echo Grid on Unsplash

Having a child is dubbed as the one the greatest joy in life. Now, imagine — your greatest joy robbed from you at a supposed safe place for a child, a hospital where doctors and nurses took on oath to do no harm.

Sophie Lionnet’s body was burned in the backyard of suburban London house.

A picture of a bon-fire
A picture of a bon-fire
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

In September 2017, in a close-knit neighborhood of Southfields, London, a concerned neighbor spotted her fellow neighbor having a bonfire in the backyard. It looked dangerous as the large bonfire was a bit too close to the patio, but most importantly, there was a horrible stench coming from it. One of the neighbors decided to take matters seriously and called the fire brigade.

When the firefighters arrived, they were too taken back by the stench but, everything else looked relatively normal.

A middle-aged man having a chicken barbeque in his backyard.

Thomas Hunt, one of the first firefighters on the…

Victim’s cries were finally answered by a popular TV show, as police ignored her reports.

A picture of Theresa Knorr
A picture of Theresa Knorr
Theresa Knorr Photo Source

The story behind the cruel mother, Theresa Knorr

Theresa Knorr was the daughter of Swannie Gay and James Cross. When her father, James Cross, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he lost his job and soon, fell into depression. Finances in the family became tight when they lost the sole breadwinner, Swannie Gay when she passed away due to heart failure. Theresa was devastated by the loss of her mother and reportedly, her father often took out his frustration on her.

By the age of 16, Theresa married Clifford Clyde Sanders, a man 5 years older than her and within less than a year, she gave birth to Howard…

She lived in a “coffin-like-box” for 7 years, 23 hours daily.

A picture of Colleen Stan. Photo Source

In May 1977, 20-year-old Colleen Stan wanted to visit a friend for a surprise birthday party. When her car unexpectedly broke down, she decided to hitchhike to Northern California. She was not new to hitchhiking. She turned down a car of 5 guys but trusted the next car that stopped for her as it had a young couple with a baby.

When they stopped for gas, Colleen went to the bathroom and she had this bad feeling and an inner voice that kept asking her to leave, but she brushed it off as her overthinking.

She continued to travel with…

Lena and Beatriz saved each other from a monster.

A picture of Lena and Beatriz in their exclusive interview for 60 Minutes
A picture of Lena and Beatriz in their exclusive interview for 60 Minutes
A still from 60 Minutes Australia of Lena and Beatriz. Photo Source

In February 2016, German backpacker Lena Rabente met Brazilian backpacker Beatriz for the first time in Adelaide. Both were young and adventurous but it was their first solo backpack trip in Australia so they decided to pair up as they had the same destination in mind, Melbourne.

They hopped onto Gumtree, a common site that backpackers used to find a ride and took on the offer of a man around their age but that man canceled on them last minute as he had car troubles. …

K-POP stars including BTS Jimin, took a stand for the 16-month-old baby, to ensure this never happened again— #SorryJungIn

Picture of baby Jung In smiling
Picture of baby Jung In smiling
A still of Baby Jung In from ‘Unanswered Question’ Photo Source

Jung In was born on June 10, 2019, with adorable flushed cheeks, melting heart of everyone she met. She was healthy and all smiles. Though, 8 days later, she had to be moved into a foster home as her biological mother could not raise her. But, in just 2 months, it seemed like the ‘perfect’ family wanted to adopt Jung In.

The foster mother had a good impression of the couple and mentioned that the adoptive mother surnamed Jang, was an interpreter with a bright personality. Jang showed that she cared and that she was serious about the adoption as…

A double life, love triangle and time travelling

A picture of Anna Repkina
A picture of Anna Repkina
A picture of Anna Repkina. Photo Source

After getting out from a 7-year-old relationship, in search of love again, 27-year-old Russian Anna Repkina went on a dating site and met 26-year-old William Hargrove from the States. Immediately, they hit it off. They shared thousands of messages and in December 2016, Anna decided to come over to the United States to meet William. Despite flying to the wrong Portland (Portland, Maine instead of Portland, Oregon) when they finally met, Anna had an amazing time with him.

During the weeks that she was there, William even proposed to her.


She later testified against the victim’s husband.

A picture of a door creaked open
A picture of a door creaked open
Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

On November 16th, 2012, Megan was awoken by her mother’s screams. She found her foster sister, Sabrina Zunich, stabbing and slashing her mother, Lisa Knoefel. 13-year-old Megan was not able to stop her 19-year-old sister but she did dialed 911 where she frantically pleaded the operator to send help as she begged her sister to stop.

He was tortured and sacrificed for police enforcement protection.

A picture of Mark Kilroy
A picture of Mark Kilroy
Mark Kilroy by Associated Press

It was March 1989. It was spring break and like many college students, 21-year old Mark Kilroy and his 3 long-time friends went for a spring vacation in South Padre Island, Texas. They parked their car near the border before crossing over to Mexico on foot. Over the span of 3 days, they had their fun as they partied and attended the Miss Tanline Contest.

On the last day, they returned to the border town of Matamoros to cross the border by foot again by nightfall. That night, Matamoros was increasingly packed with the spring-break tourists as it was further…

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