Murdered for the Promise of Breakfast

A bad joke between 15-year-olds that led to the death of Rebecca Alyward.

Emmalina Alessandrya
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“You’re on,” Joshua Davies took on the bet.

The bet to murder his ex-girlfriend for a free breakfast.

Joshua’s friend thought it was a joke. Merely a bad joke between two 15-year-old boys. He played along, but little did knew, Joshua felt challenged when his friend was not convinced that he would go through with it. A few days later, Joshua sent another disturbing text,

“Don’t say anything but you may just owe me a breakfast.”

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[October 23, 2010 | Bridgend, Wales]

On October 23, 2010, Rebecca Alyward, Joshua’s ex-girlfriend, was excited to meet him as she was hoping that they would reconcile. It would not be the first time.

Their high school romance bloomed just a year ago when they were fourteen. Rebecca’s mother was supportive of their relationship as Joshua was a polite young boy, and she knew of Joshua’s family. And Rebecca was a smart kid with great grades.

But, Rebecca and Joshua’s relationship went through several breakups and makeups. It was a short-lived relationship of 3 months. It was unclear as to what was the last straw that ended the relationship. It could possibly be because Joshua spread a false rumor of Rebecca being pregnant.

When Joshua reached out to meet in a popular hangout spot in the woods, like old habits, Rebecca, still holding on to her feelings, trusted him and agreed to it. She styled her hair and dressed in a new outfit she had just bought for the Saturday ‘date’ with Joshua. She kissed her mother goodbye and hopped excitedly into her aunt’s car for a ride.

In the woods, Joshua lunged at her, reaching out for her neck. Rebecca panicked and screamed for her life, but that also sent Joshua into a fit of panic to stop her from getting help. He took a large rock and repeatedly bashed it into her head. He then ran home, leaving badly injured Rebecca to die.



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